CSR Activity: Initiative to conserve electricity!


This happened good in our Globe up to 18th Century A.D. during which the man has not invented any Special Purpose Machines to deal with the natural resources. It is a bad time to our Nature and our Green Globe to experience a tough deal with the so called developments in the recent era around the Globe. What makes the change after 18th Century A.D., is the invention of Fossil fuel and its non-judicial utilization for the growth of conveniences of the world public at the cost of green globe environment.

Though the fossil fuels are being burnt largely by automobile applications and its remnants are thrown to atmosphere and polluting the environment, it needs to be mentioned to elicit the reasons by the Electricity Generations using Coal as the prime fuel across the world. In the present world, it is impossible to think a day without electricity. But the facts are threatening us as the Energy resources across the globe are depleting very fast. It is to be understood that the future of our human life depends on the present actions initiated for conserving the resources effectively.

Our aim is to teach the importance of the Energy Conservation by transforming the facts to the younger generations of our country india about genesis of energy resources, different form of energies and focusing on Electricity, the secondary form of Energy, which forms the major portion in Energy Transformation and Utilization. These activities is also focused to address the psychological perception of every human objective as “Man will consider if it is related”.

The content of this program will be taking over the areas of energy sources, how they were formed and transformed as electricity by various processes and what best ways to conserve. The families, societies and urge everybody to become an Energy Ambassador to preach the concepts wherever the person has the chance to communicate. The initiative step by Coimbatore Rotary Gaalaxy in support of TANGEDCO would find a massive achievement in their goals. The following contents can be used as a Tool to carve the heart of the readers and increase in numbers of the world saving protectors of the green globe.

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